Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

How to be genius student?

So get ready to learn how to become a genius student!

1. Finding the best place to learn
Need to find  a place to study and do homework, free from distractions. Coffee shop public is not convenient to choose the study area. People come from friends and not worry you can rest in necessary information. try to find a nice quite place to study, which is convenient

2. Talk with the teacher on how to become genius
Typically, teacher provide some tips on what to study for exams. Only helps you on your ability to review. Also, if the work is not entirely clear, be sure and ask your instructor. Most of them have no trouble watchong the draft guidelines for expressing their views on advance.
If you want to learn how to become a genius student, don't leave your homework, classroom work or study in a minute ago. Cramming won't help you achieve your goals. Set aside time at least once every two days to explore all that apply. To test for myself to see what you remember and that you need to work

3. Search and download the software to study! That will help you more

You can get more knowledge that you not get from school, you also can get example of exercise with simple way.

4. Reward yourself for your hard work
Find time for fun! The study break will help reduce tension and stress in trying to become a direct disciple. You will find that having little 'entertainment will be easier to sit and study later. Don't take this step, a reason to leave their homework later. This  will only set back

It all depend on you. Must be determined and gave the right mind set for achievibg its objectives. As always do your homework, go to class and listen to your techer or instructor. This will help ensure that student become genius

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